Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Large Format meeting

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This is one of the images from the recent UKLF and Lancashire monochrome meet.

It is no work of art but it served its purpose. The image was made as part of an exercise to demonstrate moving the focal plane with lens tilt and that was successful. Since the image was of no special value to me the piece of film found its way into the stand development test, again with a degree of success. The tonal range is well controlled and there is no noticeable grain and nice edge sharpness.

The film is damaged because due to a miscalculation I did not use enough solution so one end received no development. In pulling the film out of the tank in disgust I scratched it which is regrettable.

None the less I have posted here to serve as a marker of the the process todate.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preston Docks

Well its now Preston Marina all the ships and banana boats that used to come here when I was a child are long gone.

Anyway today I made my first trip to a Large format group meeting and it turns out that they are the nice people they seem to be from the forum.

It was mainly a social occasion and a chance to meet up and show some newcomers the "joys" of lugging unwieldy cameras around and taking all day to make a few snaps.

One person I had not expected to meet was Joe Kennedy who I met months ago at Preston Market and he has recently bought a LF camera like mine but in a bit better nick.

Photos follow if any come out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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I'm back in harness again after a week in Spain where the weather was rough.

I have 4 weeks or so before the next wedding I have to shoot then there should be a gap because none of my other nieces/nephews look ready to tie the knot soon.

Back on the film front there is a meeting this weekend of the Large Format and Lancashire Monochrome and I'm going along on Sunday. I've never met any of them before so I hope it all goes well.